SEO Dojo Membership Plans

So you're feeling brave are you? Well, that's awesome. First things first, if you haven't read about our membership process, please do so here.

Join The SEO Dojo


What Does It Cost?

If you manage to get accepted for membership in the SEO Training Dojo, our current subscription plans include;

  • 6 month membership - $200 ($33 per month)
  • 12 month membership - $300 ( $25 per month)

Want to sign your entire team up? If you have multiple staff members (or friends) that are interested in joining, get in touch and we can give you a discount code.


Now that we've got that sorted out, you now have two options;


Sponsor Application

Sign Up

This one is for those of you that are already known to the SEO Training Dojo through a friend or colleague. You can get them to contact us or you can go to this form and we'll get a hold of them for you.

Not sure if any friends are here? Hit your social channels, work for it. ;)


Non-Sponsor Application

Sign Up

If you don't have a sponsor or aren't sure, you can also apply for membership by getting in touch with us (same form) and we'll get you started on the intake process. This involves a short questionnaire that will be reviewed by a group of senior members. Get started here.


What Happens Next?

There are on guarantees that you will be able to join our community. And if you are declined, we'll explain why and you can certainly try again later on. This is just our form of quality control to keep things relevant and qualified for the member base.


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