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Dojo Radio Home: Dave "the Gypsy" Harry and Terry "Webmaster T" Van Horne along with input from the SEO Dojo Community put together podcasts using a mixture of entertainment and  information. The easiest way to get the latest shows is from the SEO Dojo Radio Home Page


Downloads are available in the player on our podcast streaming rss feed host for iTunes and the Dojo Radio iPhone App! Thanks To Libsyn and Dom TheHodge Hodgson for recommending it.

Search Geeks Speak: An information show where Terry Van Horne and Dave Harry use a long contact list of industry luminaries to put together a show on internet marketing, SEO and Social Media. The show has featured industry leaders such as Aaron Wall, Mike Grehan, Wil Reynolds, Danny Sullivan and Rand Fishkin to name just a few.
Years: 2011 and 2012

the Regulators: A unique mix of information and entertainment presentation of events and SEO and Social Media industry News. Webmaster T and the Gypsy are joined by Steve Gerenscer and Justin Parks for a whimsical look at the events and happening in the wonderful world of SEO, Social Media and the net in general! Once in a while the guys slip in a tip or two but usually just a mixture of opinion and 4 guys shootin' the shit!
Years: 2010, 2011 and 2012

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